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Rewards of Sadaqah

"Those who spend their wealth [in Allah's way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly – they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve."

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We want to help you raise money for what matters most. Whether it's starting a Syrian Relief, funding Umroh or Hajj for the less fortunate, donations to build a mosque, funding for cancer treatment or any other medical needs, we understand that every dollar counts. PayHalal Sadaqah fund-raising platform allows you to keep even more of the money you raise without worrying about financial barriers.

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Haram Source Of Income? Purify It With PayHalal Sadaqah Fisabilillah Digital Platform

"Are you sure your income is Halal? Is your money clean? How sure are you that your riches came from Shariah compliant business transactions?"

These are questions asked by Muslims a lot. In today's world, where the Halal (permissible) industry is booming simply because of this, Muslims are provided with ample choice to make sure that their income is generated through halal channels. Halal food, Halal financing, and even the Halal Tourism industry has been growing over the years, creating a niche market for a group of audience that wants their lifestyle to be rid of riba (interest), maysir (gambling), gharar (uncertainty) and other haram (prohibited) elements.

On a global scale, more than 1.8 billion Muslims spends a total of $1.9 trillion in assets across all Halal sectors, with the biggest sector being the Islamic finance sector that has assets valued above $2 trillion.

In order to cater for sustainable Muslim community shared value development, PayHalal Fintech has developed a digital Sadaqah platform that allows its users to donate to charitable, Sadaqah Causes. These Causes, published by notable Organisations allow users to donate to Causes that target Muslim communities in need, that includes the essences of Sadaqah which are perpetuity, inalienability and irrevocability.

And the fact that the PayHalal Digital Sadaqah Platform is built on the latest AI technology allows the users to keep track of their donations, advising them on which cause would best fit them and ensuring that their donations has been utilized for the purposes as intended.

The PayHalal Digital Sadaqah platform is the only Digital Sadaqah Fisabilillah platform that is catered to Sadaqah projects, with the aim to digitalise Sadaqah, an instrument that is extremely beneficial in ensuring sustainable shared value to the Muslim communities in need.

With PayHalal Digital Sadaqah platform, Islamic institutions and individuals can easily route their SNC income to worthy Sadaqah projects which can not only purify their wealth but contribute to the society in a transparent manner that they can easily track as well. It ensures that the money is put into projects that benefit the society long-term rather than being consumed at once. One could say that it's a benevolent cause that's worth every sen.

Sadaqah Campaigns

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